We are an exceptionally comprehensive club, with respect for all levels of runners. It doesn’t matter whether you are a ten-minute miler or sub-six, you are always welcome at our club. We have members aged from 12-80 (not this bloke, though). All are welcome!!

The club includes running mentors and coaches who provide guidance for runners of all levels. The club is keen to gain their insight in helping further the member of each club.

We meet on Thursdays, with extra long runs on Sunday mornings at 8am. You can go to one or both.

Every year we arrange our own Club League races where individuals go up against other club members.

Both our Mens and Ladies Teams contend in the Birmingham Cross Country League (Ladies Midlands League) and Gloucestershire XC League and we likewise enter groups in the Hilly 100 race in the Cotswolds. We also contend in a yearly race against other neighborhood running clubs. Further some people run shorter, more social races like Parkruns to marathons to ultras.