So you want to get started running, but you’re not sure where to start? We can help you out!

First off, you found this website, so you are halfway there. A good running group is key to keep you motivated, on track with your runs – and best of all, to meet some new friends.

The nice thing about running is it doesn’t require a ton of gear and lessons are not necessary.

But you will need some basic items, which will help you feel better and recover faster.

The first obvious step is buying a good set of running shoes. Go to a proper running store and get fitted – your feet will thank you!

A way to track time is also key. You don’t need the best gps watch, just a very good running watch – or a basic chrono timer will do. Once you get better, then think about investing in a GPS watch. Or start with a basic GPS watch.

Good moisture-wicking clothes and socks will also work wonders. Good socks to prevent blisters. Good shirts and running shorts to keep you dry and comfortable.

That’s pretty much it.

As you keep better, other items like sunglasses, a hat, and hydration will be important. For now, just keep it simple.

And we won’t get into the injury management stuff. That will come later. But we’ll be happy to help you with that too!